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Dear visitors,
Welcome to my new website!

Firstly, I owe an apology. The website is far from complete, some sections are either incomplete or even non-existent.
However, in the tedious attempt of trying to fit university, work, ski, and life in 24 hours, this website has been knocking (unanswered) on the door for too long.
In the midst of this confusion, I decided to take my time and write a detailed biography. Every week or so, I will be posting more on my first turns and tricks, all the way to the last few happenings of 2012. It's an experiment. Bare with me and I think it will be an interesting and fun thing.
A short and more conventional biography will be available for sponsors and "impatient" people Happy

Also, I would like to use this first post to thank my sponsors, HO Skis, Fluid Motion Bindings., and the Italian Water Ski & Wakeboard Federation for their constant support.
Although fun and extremely rewarding, competitive sports can be very stressful and demanding. It is of great help to know that such awesome people and brands are behind me, encouraging and propping me up.
Of course, I cannot thank enough the Ragin' Cajuns Water Ski Team for allowing me to be morally part of this great group of people. As a very affectionate alumni and one that still lives in Lafayette, the respect of current team members is flattering.

Last but not least in the gratitude department, I would like to recognize a few people that have been fundamental to me, either for a long time or just recently.

  • My father: grazie per il tuo costante supporto morale ed al tempo che mi hai dedicato in questi anni. Soprattutto, grazie per non avermi mai forzato a prendere una decisione ma sempre spinto a rispettare gli impegni da me scelti. Non smetterò mai di esserti debitore

  • My coach: tutto ciò che sapevo prima di partire per gli Stati Uniti lo devo a te. E tutto ciò che ho imparato negli ultimi anni è stato assorbito e filtrato grazie al tuo esempio di attento scrutinatore della tecnica e dello sforzo, dell'impegno e del rilassamento. Grazie per essere l'amico che sei.

  • Jonathan Sharman: Buddy, skiing with you has taught me more than both me and you can comprehend. If I reached some sort of confidence in my skiing and solved a few technical issues this year, you deserve the majority of the credit. Cheers.

  • Jay Bennett: Thank you for allowing me to be part of your staff last spring. I learned a lot of practical things as well as moral code in your ski school. Some of the best months I have ever had!

  • Brad Ronaldson: If I am still here, full of passion, will to emerge, compete, understand, and coach, well… you take the merit. Thank you, my friend.

  • In the next few weeks, I will post more details on 2013 on-site and online (yes, ONLINE) clinics, as well as Biography updates, pictures and videos, and news in general.

    Start by following me on Facebook and Twitter, and make sure you stay up to date with all that happens around

    Let's start this 2013 the right way!!!


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