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I have been fortunate enough throughout my short career to be sponsored and helped to achieve my skiing goals.
These are the brands, teams, and people that need a special place on


In the last three years, HO Skis has been a fundamental sponsor. Being exposed to the passion and knowledge of fellow Syndicate teammates allowed me to learn extensively about ski technology and water skiing in general.
I have been able to sensibly step up my slalom game towards the end of my U21 career, and I cannot thank HO Skis enough for allowing this to happen!

Check out my Syndicate Team Profile Page


I have always been very picky and precise about what I wanted from a slalom binding. After a few years of research and plain trial and error, I was introduced to Fluid Motion Bindings.
I was looking for a company with a good range of binding choice, seriously built bindings, and most of all reliable and releasable. Well, FM satisfied all these requests! I am currently on a E-Series Binding and could not be happier. Releases when it has to, does not release when it doesn't have to.


I started competing at age 10, and by age 14 I was in the Italian Junior Team.
I cannot thank the Italian Water Ski & Wakeboard Federation enough for all the support I have been receiving in the past ten years, through the Junior and Under 21 years, up until now.

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