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Welcome to the section of the website dedicated to water ski Clinics and Coaching!
In the past six years I have had the chance to work with wonderful people, trying to help them with their skiing.
Some of them were nice enough to drop by and leave the comments you see above…

On-Site Coaching

No matter the level of the skier, I always try to bring all my knowledge and experience in the boat, on the dock, and off the dock.

  • Are you trying to refine your technique or looking for an extra buoy?

  • Maybe learning a new trick or improving your run?

  • Are you working on your jumping skills and technique

  • Are you struggling to perform as well in tournament as you do in practice?

  • Are you finding difficult to coach a particular athlete?

  • If you answered yes to any of the above, then I might be able to help.

    Stay tuned for more details…

    Online Coaching!

    Let's face it. Traveling is becoming really expensive and finding free time even harder. Also, sometime it is simply not easy to find enough friends to organize a clinic at your site.
    Nowadays, technology allows us to be in touch and see each other with ease. That's why I have decided to offer online clinics!
    I have tried to keep in touch on the web with some skiers I have been coaching, and the quality of the media for online coaching is remarkable.

    Great, personalized, in-depth coaching… from your house, dock, or wherever you happen to be!

    Stay tuned for more details…

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